Idealiotic – it’s a state of mind(lessness). The title is a super clever mash-up of idealistic and idiotic. It’s supposed to describe how I have felt a long time about my place in the intellectual world. I’m not particularly attractive or good at doing anything so I decided a long time ago to be the “smart guy”. In some circles, I allow myself to believe, friends consider this to be true.  I sprinkle normal conversation with words like “vacillate” or “meander” and read actual books and those who don’t normally do these things ultimately allow me to keep the label. Of course I’m a 41 year old 2nd year teacher just embarking on my career and they are mostly successful actual adult people, but I’m the smart guy. The problem is, I’m not. Not really. And of course at work is a different story but I leech my meager self to these wonderfully brilliant colleagues and siphon all I can because it’s for the kids, right?

I don’t consider myself entirely idealistic. I don’t imagine my life in a perfect way and then take strides to make it so in every aspect of my everything. I don’t really “do” much of anything, at least not as much as I wish or think I should. I also don’t think I’m a straight-up idiot either. It’s the intersection within me of these two tendencies. They’re totally linked to each other, and they provide this duality within me that basically defines all of my deepest thoughts.

This second entry will serve as a sort-of explanation to what I’m talking about. I think. I’ve lived with this notion that my takes on issues and such are limited at best because of the idiocy they reek of due to my ultra-simplistic, idealistic approach to them. I could become more informed and then form thoughtful opinions on them, but I balk because my initial idealistic take throws down a wall that tells me I am done solving the problem at the root and there should be no need for specifics or tinkering. Besides, what am I going to do? Throw my hat in the ring with a billion other blowhards arguing that their solutions are best to every all-encompassing problem in the world? I know this sounds incredibly pessimistic but my Facebook “friends” and every talking head on every cable news channel are the same to me, they just have different amplification levels, and none of them are going to solve anything for anyone in 160 characters (or whatever) or less or a 2 minute on-air sound bite.

I didn’t think out what I was going to write here today. I just knew I would try and explain myself so anyone who reads any further posts has some idea where I am coming from ahead of time. To clarify, or further muddy, the Mississippi that is my mind, I’m going to relate my takes on a few of the world’s biggest issues. Not sure what will come out of my mouth/brain/fingers in the following lines, but they are going to be opinions I have had for a long time and an example of what the problem I’ve had with my idealioticy has been since I decided to try and think about things.

Gun Control – There shouldn’t be any guns. None. Boom. Done. Next? Maybe if we had some sort of sound emitting ray that created a cloud over the whole planet that rendered all guns useless? Guns exist to kill. That’s insanity to me. I really think we should outlaw all guns. Even those belonging to the great American military. I know this is beyond impossible but that’s my solution. I once heard gun advocates say that rocks and hammers killed more people in the previous year than guns and ask if they should be outlawed too. I might be an idiot, but I mean… Rocks and hammers have other uses than killing, genius. Next always comes the constitution. Because that’s such a relevant and unchangeable document created and signed by old white guys and slave owners 200 years ago. They were talking about muskets, not semi-automatic Rambo guns.

The Israel-Palestine Thing – And for that matter, all the Middle East stuff. Hey! Stop fighting! I know very little but I know they’ve been killing each other for generations over a strip of land. I guess the hope is that over time the message of hate that has obviously been taught to generations of children over there will erode in the face of constant death. But it’s been a really long time. I’m guessing both “Gods” at the center of each religion preaches something about love, no? Lean on that aspect of the mythology you’ve allowed to define you and find a middle ground. What great men you leaders would be if you were the ones to come up with a solution. It seems that perhaps each leader on both sides for a billion years has been worried that he would be the weak one who conceded defeat after all the blood that has been spilled in the name of what must be a very persuasive deity. Maybe that was true for a long time, but I think the two leaders who can say, “Enough is enough, you use the church from 8 to 12 and we use it after. Let’s refer to the calendar for possible holidays and other special occasions and make concessions for those. Let us know a couple weeks in advance for any weddings, and give us a day or two for funerals and let’s stop murdering each other for the sake of our kids.” Easy, right?

Abortion – I am a man and will never be pregnant. When I see protesters outside of my local abortion clinic they are always 95% white males between the ages of 60 and 80. Seriously? My future ex-wife and I found out she was pregnant about a month after we had gotten back together after I broke up with her for about the seventh time in two years. We weren’t married. We were barely dating. I told her that in the end it was her choice. That was my baby too, but she had to carry it and expel it through her lady area with no concrete proof that she would receive any help from me. I told her that if she kept it I would be its father forever and if she didn’t want to I wouldn’t stand in the way. Personally I think it would’ve affected me more than I let on to know my child was aborted but big deal. I wasn’t pregnant, she was. (Incidentally we had a son, got married about 19 months later and had a decent run resulting in 3 children I can’t imagine my life without) So that’s my stand. I guess it sounds like I’m pro-choice but really I’m pro-women’s choice. I remember that one panel the government got together to talk about this issue that was made up of all guys who look like the lot I see holding signs with dead baby fetuses on them for everyone driving down the street, children and all, to see. I’m not saying they all thought this way but how could they be serious convening an important investigation like this and not including women? So no, I’m not really even pro-choice. I think this issue should be discussed and decided upon by women. If they want to include male medical experts or psychologists or whatever, it should be up to them. If they ask for my help in thinking about this thing, they have it, but I’m keeping my mouth shut about female body parts and the policing of them until an actual female asks what I think. It sounds like a tough one, but it’s on you ladies. Like most of the tough stuff is. Sorry about that too. Sounds like another blog post thing I need to write.

I don’t mean to sound apathetic or disingenuous in any way. I am well aware that there are grey areas and, you know, actual details involved that make things way more complex than I’ve just lazily laid them out. I’m just telling the truth about how Mr Smart Guy over here actually thinks about things. I tell my students, on average, every single day I see them, that they can change the world. And I’m honest with them when I say it needs changing. And so I know my viewpoints seem to contradict that but they don’t. You just have to pay attention to the details. The grey area. I said MY ideas about world issues were dumb and simplistic and would never work as a result. But my students? They have a real smart teacher. His friends think so anyways. And he tells them everyday THEIR ideas will ultimately do the trick and change the world. Call me an idiot or call me an idealist, but I can’t wait to watch them do just that.

8 thoughts on “idealiotic

  1. I love the word. I think there are a lot of idealiotic people. Oh, we might be more expert in some area than most other people, but we don’t know much about most things. But we’d like the world to be nice place. I also salute your bravery. While I agree with your take on these issues, I hope you don’t get too many comments from non-Idealiotic people who don’t.

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  2. Eddie! OMG! Thank you for opening up! You have inspired me to do the same (via blogging). It’s easier that way with me. Anyways, #justdoyou. Thank you for addressing beliefs that many are afraid to speak up about. I agree wholeheartedly with them all! Can’t wait to read more.

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  3. Eddie, I actually think this post is really brave. I think it’s hard to say, “This is what I think about guns” or “This is what I think about abortion.” I don’t think your views are simplistic or idiotic in any way. I think you’re quite thoughtful, to be honest.

    I love the title of this post, too. It really is a mash-up of both sides of you.

    Well done!

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  4. I found your post to be refreshingly vulnerable. I was touched by your honesty and self deprecation. I agree- everyone has an opinion, it seems, but what are we really changing? Calls to mind Billy Joel’s Angry Young Man- “I once believed in causes too, I had my pointless point of view, and life went on no matter who was wrong or right….” Welcome to SOLSC by the way! So glad you are here.


  5. I smiled as I read your statement about your PLN: “And of course at work … I leech my meager self to these wonderfully brilliant colleagues and siphon all I can because it’s for the kids, right?” Keep writing, Eddie!

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