Bubble Pop Smirk

I memorize your face

With eyes and hands

Disappear from the world

And all its demands


Never in my wildest dreams

Would such luck have unfurled

Here in my undeserving arms

The prettiest girl in the world


And snippets of that song

In the background keep on playing

In my head I sing along

But ignore what they’re saying


And, tho the winds outside this


May howl and try to sting

I am safe and I am warm

Right here and now with you

My favorite thing


And again, that song, as I

Hum along

Watch you clean up for the night

Wash the day away

We are in to stay

I, always rendered weak-kneed

By the sight

Of that perfect face

Gracing each and every new light


And your makeup-less face

Is my favorite place

To visit, tho I could stay forever

I appreciate the fireworks

But your flawless flaws

And facial quirks

Make them a necessity never


And, oh my god, your eyes

Radiating, devastating

A ten second stare takes an hour

Unique just to you, color and size

I’m mesmerized and hesitating

At the enormity of their power


We are home hearts comingled

With that tune still in the back

And down your back my fingertips tingled

Feel the day’s tension start to slack

Nothing but hope lies before us

In the moment I actually know it

Then that song begins its chorus

Things start fading

Did I blow it?


My crinkle-eyed smile

You put there disappears

It lasted just a little while

The flood lets loose old fears


I wake all alone

No you, I bemoan


It was just slumbered remembering

I should go back and change

The tenses of this thing

But I won’t, I am drained

I’m always waking up and then

I just always lose you


Memories and visions remained


Never ever in my wildest dreams

Would I dare dream

Such a sparkle picture perfect dream

I’ve no control

You’re deep in my soul

It’s ol’ Queen Maab,

That mighty troll

And her relentless scheme


Yes, in my dreams

I resurrect your ghost

But it’s soft

And mine

A love devine


It’s the wide awake haunting

That hurts the most

Makes me remember that line…


When I’m back to what’s real

And the price it must cost

To feel what I feel

Where so much seems lost

So gone, so far

In mountains of wrong

And I get in my car

And on comes that song…

                                                 “It’s better to feel pain
                                                   Then nothin’ at all
                                                    The opposite of love’s


And I’ll drive thru

The morning dew

Pondering again the mystery

Of how fickle it grew

But knowing I knew

The prettiest girl in history





7 thoughts on “Bubble Pop Smirk

  1. This is beautiful Eddie. I don’t know what else to say…not something cliche like “it’s better to have loved than”…blah blah blah. I appreciate the emotions you are conveying in this poem.


  2. So many things about this poem get me. You craft the sorrow and sadness so well, yet…there’s beauty and love in there somewhere. I write my slices and feel like I am writing my heart; then I read yours and realize I’m barely scratching the surface. Thanks for putting yourself out there with your posts.


  3. Dude! I am literally speechless and a little choked up. Who could ever compare to the prettiest girl in the world? Last night I thought about you and tried to whip up some poetry. I have about 11 drafts saved because nothing seems to make sense… what I love about this piece is that I could literally paint a picture from beginning to end. Your words are very beautiful.


  4. Ummmmmmm, a Woodridge poetry slam!?!?! Yessssss, let’s do it!! Vicki, Eddie, you’re on the committee with me. Let’s plan it!

    P.S. – I’m planning a small Slicer get-together for the beginning of April, too!


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