Greetings and Salutations

Back to the Slice. This is my second year doing the Slice of Life blog challenge. I love to write. Rather, I used to. It was a major part of my identity amongst friends and family. I think a major theme that won’t help but leak into my day to day contributions here is that I am a busy guy. Purposely so, in some respects. Between that and life I would say writing has taken a backseat probably since about the time I had my first kid. He is now 16 and just over 6 feet tall. For years when asked by my family and friends who knew writing was such a big part of my whole thing I told them I hadn’t been able to muster many words since becoming a dad because the experience was just so beyond anything I could capture with my meager handle on the written word, and I didn’t want to sully it with my vague translations sent through my own inner filters of weird. Such a poet, that guy. Ugh.


But really I just think that I stepped into a new realm of adulthood then and put aside childish things. Or one childish thing. Which actually isn’t so childish, especially since I hung on to then, and continue to cling to now, so many various other decidedly non-adult behaviors. All that to say, I joined again because I do love to write. This will push me to do so.


Because the bulk of all my life’s writings came before kids, I associated sadness and struggle with creation. My sad boy facade I guess. I mean, I always took up the mantle of hopeless lovestruck lovelorn romantic poet guy, and never seemed to find what/who I was looking for, even though I always felt I was looking harder than anyone I knew, so there was genuine silly sadness involved back then. But I never really wrote about happy things or times or experiences. It was in those pitiful lonely times pining for things I couldn’t even fully grasp the scope of at that age of romanticising anything that seemed to fit into that box of unrequited woe I coveted that I would turn to a dark corner of a bar or the basement of some crazy careless house party with my notebook and pen and scribble my innermost longings, misconceptions, and pity party self-RSVPs in stanzas and blobs of what I thought were dreams shot through with art made real on the page. And so went a majority of my posts last year. At least that’s how I remember it. I went back and read a paragraph or so from last year and won’t be looking back again. I don’t know if it’s embarrassment or one of those things where actors won’t watch their own movies or whatever but, no thanks.


So my goal for this year’s Slice challenge will be to keep things positive. I will fail. Like half the time maybe. Because life is struggles and pain. Parts of it anyways. But I know they shouldn’t get all the words. Not only do I have 3 kids of my own that I adore, but I honestly and sincerely love a new batch of 50-something fifth graders every year who daily remind me of grace, beauty, and wonder. I should be able to mine all of that for positivity  most days, right? For a month at least?


I guess I should use this intro post to do slightly more generic intro stuff. In case you’re still here and you haven’t picked it up, hi my name is Eddie and I guess when I start writing I bare my bleedy soul to strangers right off the bat. Good times. I am in my 3rd year teaching 5th grade in a hometown that I love more than people think I should. Dream job. 100%. I am a divorced dad with 3 kids in a combined total of 5 sports. I coach and attend everything I can, practices and all. Kids are my world and I’m good with that. Slice is back. We will see if I can get a positivity train up and running and keep it on the tracks, at least for a month. I very much look forward to reading some of my favorites from last year and finding a few new ones as well! Good luck, everyone.

6 thoughts on “Greetings and Salutations

  1. I love the honesty and the glimpse into the bleedy soul. My best friend, whom I adore, always says that she loves me, warts & all. So, keep writing and showing us your slices…warts & all.

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  2. Glad to see you back, Eddie! I always found it easier to write when in a darker place in life, too, but love the challenge of jumping on the positivity train. Happy slicing!

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