Seasonal Inflation

(day 15)

I am fried, Slice land. I’m sorry I know just now sitting here having just finished my last parent-teacher conference that this post will be that final puff of squeaky air being let out of a once robust and bouncy balloon. Ok, my balloon would probably not have been described as such in decades but you get the point. Or I do anyways which we’re going to have to just go with here. Besides, like 5 people probably read these on average and if you do, and you usually like my stuff, I am well aware that I more than make up for today’s brevity with my usual bloated to bursting (with more hot air) offerings.


I think about what I’m going to write about here. I do like I tell my students and live with writerly eyes. Especially here in the middle part of the challenge. Always looking for the next Slice in every unremarkable conversation or everyday natural miracle. Yesterday it was finally warm. Balmy even. But it rained torrentially. And I worked from 7 AM to 8 PM. I mean I had an oasis in between. Lovely lovely oasis. But it was still a late night, to a warm day (finally), but one that was rain soaked, and spent indoors. Still I was thinking about doing my “spring is almost here” post. I have read a bunch of those and figured I could muster one.


But the air outside is once again slightly painful. It’s like 35 degrees I think. I know that spring is almost here and I know that means entering the downslide of the school year and yes there are lots of exciting things that come with that. But I don’t have the wind to get past the weekend. A nonkid weekend (sigh) but one that actually involves some human interaction (yay). Plus I do get kid time because Middle Guy is back on the court and playoffs are tomorrow. So no, this won’t be my spring has sprung Slice and I’m not going to novelize my exhaustion and how timely this weekend is. I also refuse to continue this dumb threaded air metaphor I started with the balloon thing. (I had good ideas for its conclusion though, you just believe that)


Spring is not here. Not really. But the weekend is. And conferences have literally just this second ended. Gonna clock out and instead of going into my normal hibernation mode maybe I’ll experience the land of the living for a bit. I’ll see what kind of Slices i can bring back from the world. Happy Friday, all.

2 thoughts on “Seasonal Inflation

  1. “I do like I tell my students and live with writerly eyes.” This helps us truly see the beauty in each day that is so easy to let slip by. Also, thanks for the honest slice. It has been a long two days!


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