(day 24)

Yesterday was technically the first day of spring break. Yes it is the weekend but still. We woke up and ate and went right to karate for my daughter. During this time we were offered not one but 2 free hotel rooms for the night. A friend used points or something and the hotel was literally at the airport and his wife and friends were not into it for their pre-gaming needs before the concert they were attending at night so they jumped ship. I asked the boys what they thought and they were into the idea of a little staycation getaway. However, after karate I had to hit the gym since it was (now for sure) my only window and I have like 10 days left of my weight loss contest thing. At 3:30 we had to be at a friends’ super amazing easter egg hunt thing with raffle baskets for the kids and over 7000 eggs with candy in them. They do it to raise supplies for troops and lift spirits of kids in a local hospital. I love going because I get to see lots of kids from school in a non school setting during break and the kids love it and it’s just an awesome thing she does. But we’d have to go right from karate to gym to eggs to hotel in order to get keys before my friend’s concert. So, at the gym I had the idea to have the kids write my Slice yesterday.


They were kinda rushed so they didn’t write tons. As an update, the Big One has multiple plans in place with friends for the week and has counter-referenced them with stuff we have going on, the kids are literally right now at my grandma’s playing wiffle ball, and we did go to “in indoor pool” today and last night at the hotel.


It was a really cool impromptu start to break. We threw out a couple invites to friends as we had 2 rooms despite the fact that going to a hotel wherein parking consists of dealing with one of the world’s busiest airports. The hotel was way nicer than I thought it would be and it was actually super cool to watch planes come and go. One of the air traffic control towers was right outside our window.


Yes – it was pretty great and I think the kids thought so too. I found myself caught up in a moment. I love that. Knowing what is happening is good. A memory in the making. I have a bunch but this was like one other that always stands out. We were in the pool, the four of us, playing this simple don’t let the ball touch the water volleyballesque game with a ball won at the egg thing, and just so much smiling and laughing from all four of us. Knowing we had some friends on the way to add to the fun. Just being together knowing that regular life was on hold a bit. It reminded me of about 4 years ago when we were in Florida for winter break and all of us were far out in the ocean and it was almost time to go and the sun and the waves and the salt and the smiles all hit me at once and I knew it was a moment and I savored and smelled and stared and absorbed. This was that. Ugh. So good.


I try to do stuff like this with them when I can. To be honest when we get pool time hotel getaways or go to the lake we go to in summer as part of our private camp club thing that’s basically a redneck hunt club holiday thing, it’s relaxation time for all of us. Kids are older now and although my BG is 7 the boys are older and very trustworthy with her and unbelievably helpful. So sometimes when we’re in a setting like this, yes, I play with them some and then kick back with a book or my dumb phone and have some vodka lemonades or a couple scotches (which may or may not be unfortunately known as Daddy Juice) and do my version of relaxing while they splash and play.


I play with them and interact on such occasions, but certainly not as much as I can. They have a blast and we all need to chill in our own ways. But yesterday I gave it a moment’s thought and decided against bringing any adult beverages. I figured if it were really necessary they had bars and stuff. But not this trip – I purposely kicked off break completely engaged and focused on them. We played in the pool for hours and then set up one room for the boys to watch the NCAA tournament (Middle Guy wrote that about me yesterday because he’s 11 and it was on TV, I do like it but, like, having that be one thing people should know about me? Haha) and I watched Wizard of Oz with the girls in the other room. The kids ran between rooms swapping candy and playing games. I did hit the sauna for a few minutes. That was my daddy time. I just couldn’t wait to get back in there though. It was that fun and that important and that, yes, magical seeming.


But I do have 10 days left to this weight loss thing I’ve been winning since week one (it’s 8 weeks in total) and to go with the whole last minute vibe of yesterday AND the whole immersion into kid world, I destroyed room service pizza and the 9 pounds of candy hauled in at the egg thing. Bad news, there. But, when in Rome.


Even so, keeping it all about them is always my anchor. If it costs me a couple months of free gym and I slip down into second place in this last 10 days, so be it, worth it. I will continue getting in shape for summer after the ten days is up anyways. You only get to start spring break once. I went all in. No regrets there.

3 thoughts on “headfirst

  1. So much going on here, but the beautiful essence is in this: “It reminded me of about 4 years ago when we were in Florida for winter break and all of us were far out in the ocean and it was almost time to go and the sun and the waves and the salt and the smiles all hit me at once and I knew it was a moment and I savored and smelled and stared and absorbed.” This is time well spent. Let this be only the start of many moments— Spring Break 2019.


  2. Good job soaking up what really matters in the long run! I love that you gave yourself permission to join in on the special treats of the day, too. Because in ten years you won’t care about winning the weight loss contest, but you will care about the memories made at the awesome impromptu hotel staycation!


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