hi mom

I love my mom. That’s a real edgy, provocative statement, I know. But yesterday was one of my crazy days with kids and shopping and baseball fundraising and laundry and sports, plus getting ready for a pre-spring break work week. It wasn’t until I was winding down for the night that I saw somewhere that it was International Women’s Day because of course I’d be a stereotypical dude and miss that one.

Anyways, I was able to talk to my mom on the phone for a while yesterday while driving to a fundraiser for my middle guy’s team I coach. She wanted to know how things were in my life and it was so nice to report only good stuff and move on. We talked for a while about my grandma, her mom, who has been hiding (poorly) her Alzheimer’s from us. Well, the official diagnosis is what we just found out about anyways, who knows how long after the fact. And that’s been tough. 

It’s tough especially for her because my mom and dad and two of my brothers live all the way down in Florida. It’s not quite the well worn and quick commute any longer that my mom made to Grammy’s house growing up here in suburban Chicago. It’s tough because I know she misses her grandkids. She does have some down there. And I know she misses me, even though some of my lesser, I mean younger, brothers are down there.

My mom has had a life that has at least made her be able to deal with tough. Most kids flip the switch at some point when they go from rebellious brat to respectful young adult. Mine was shortly after I turned 21 and knew very well what it felt like to be 21 and realized that my parents had THREE kids by that age. I couldn’t imagine. That had to be so tough. 

So my parents spent their whole life working. They had to. Yet she never missed a ballgame. Always drove us everywhere, always did the science fair thing or typed up the report late into the night before it was due despite being always exhausted from her 60 or whatever hour work week. 

And now, when she should be relaxing and hanging out with grandkids, life constantly seems to decide to add onto the tough. A few years back she was diagnosed with lupus. She has had a bad cough since October because of it, amongst a bunch of other brutal, unfair things too numerous to list. And, like she wishes she could be around more for us up here, I wish I was able to do more for her down there. Any type of Women’s Day is meant for the appreciation of moms like her.

I’m glad I got to talk to my mom yesterday. I need to make a point to do it more. I never made it easy on my mom and yet she was always my biggest fan. Point in case – she reads my blog for the slice thing every day. So, good morning mom. Sorry things have been tough.  I love you very much. Thank you for everything.

6 thoughts on “hi mom

  1. You had me at “I love my mom.” I decided to follow your blog after you commented on mine. I noticed your bluntness in the comment and I absolutely wanted more of that kind of writing in my life! This slice did not disappoint. Your mom sounds wonderful and I’m sorry for all the tough things in live she’s endured. It sounds from your description, though, that she has not only survived, but possibly thrived? That’s what the tough ones do.


  2. I love that your mom reads this blog. It’ll be great for her to start the day with the warmth of your words and your appreciation for everything she’s done and continues to do for her family.
    I wish her a speedy recovery too.


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