Uh Uh

I’m not going to write about “it” today. Not about fear or the media’s part in it. Not about the fine line between safety and freaking out. The super long line at almost 10 pm so I could get my grocery store sushi as my day finally, mercifully winded down last night. I will stay away from wishing I wasn’t ignorant enough to know if I should be mad at the government for flushing a gazillion dollars into the stock market rather than into getting better at dealing with this thing. Won’t flesh out the piece I was thinking about at baseball practice last night pondering if it’s ok to be sad that sports are, like, done now when people are suffering. Or the Facebook post asking why the district says they are canceling all events where 250 or more gather yet our 550 student school is open. No ode to toilet paper. I won’t attempt to tug your heartstrings by writing about the kids I worry about being home for an impending, extended spring break. 




Not today.

7 thoughts on “Uh Uh

  1. All of us have this uncertainty rattling through our brain. I hope you at least were able to enjoy your sushi.


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