A Bridge, Pondered

We were islands

Alone, adrift

She built the bridge

Spanning the rift

I was ok in my muted gray

But she stormed the beach

Bringing technicolor day


I wanted to show you

From our mountain high

This new point of view

Or at least write to try

I truly do understand

Trepidatious mainland

Wish you knew how this grew

You’d understand why

I’ll do all I can do

To inform your reply


Please know the respect

From our shores to yours

Is pure-gold fleck’d

Transparental open doors

No ship will be wrecked

I don’t trickle truth, it pours


Whimsical and winsome, I know

I love all her history tales

The impact you’ve earned

And rightfully so

Laced lovely, when on you, she regales 

My tide has no power

Nor desire

To turn anything sour

Or light any fire

Which unanchors the bond

To which both of you clings

No dream to abscond

From the strength that it brings


I just hope, someday

You get to know me

Technicolor from gray

Shoreline to sea


Further yet, your approval I crave

Or need, is a better notion

Just know, I’m aware

Until we get there

I am but a wave

To your merciful ocean

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