teachers teach

Official day one. My two youngest are at the table where I am currently: sending out messages for my class, “arguing” with the prof from my second to last Masters class (that’s a whole ‘nother story, I hate when inept people are given positions of power, whatever), writing my slice, trying to figure out this week’s assignments through ridiculously nebulous directions, and trying to help a kid I am tutoring/watching whose mom is a nurse, and my son’s buddy who basically lives with them when not at school it seems. 

It is day one but they are actually working. TV off. I actually keep telling them to take breaks. Partially because I don’t want them to get burned out and partially because I don’t want them to run out of stuff that I and the school have created for them. 

I’m surprised. Pleasantly. I wonder if they’re throwing themselves into this, subconsciously or no, to shut off what is happening out there. I am certainly not playing the role of harsh taskmaster so it’s not out of mortal fear of me. They’re kids. Mine and sorta mine. Just like all the ones I just sent a message to. Feeling super ultra protective over them and a few other people during a time where protection is not guaranteed no matter how hard you try, plus distancing is part of the protection plan? Sets us up for feelings of hopelessness and failure. 

But it is day one, officially. They are doing so well. Artaxing to this version of the swamps of sadness now is not an option. I got us an Air Bnb for next week in the woods. I figured make pizzas and bring games and movies and just seal ourselves away. Make something positive out of this. Memories. But now I fear Illinois will be Italy’d before then. Ugh. 

But we’ll roll with the punches. I’m lucky to have these kids to help keep my brain engaged too. All of them. It’s times like this that an educator, I think, knows they were drawn to their vocation for big reasons. Especially when we can apply what we have to our own kids and the kids of friends and community members who don’t actually reside on our roster sheet. Be smart everyone. So much dumb going on out there. But educators educate, right? Get the message out every chance you can. I’m sure you are. That’s what we do, our part. Good luck, all. 

2 thoughts on “teachers teach

  1. It feels weird to me right now. I started checking my email expecting messages from parents, but nothing. I am obsessively checking Class Dojo for the same. Nothing. I’m kind of at a loss. My own son doesn’t have anything yet (we’ll get his info tonight), so I can’t even project my “teacherness” on him! I did make him read, though! LOL!


  2. Airbnb sounds good. We took ourselves to the beach this weekend. It was kind of a good place to self-isolate given that it is March in NJ. I love that you have your friend’s son… what are all of the nurses and doctor’s supposed to do? Thanks for giving us a window into your world.


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