The Kids Are Alright

I did something like this last year but there’s one obvious factor that’s glaringly different this time around. For this slice I decided to let my kids, my actual biological ones, write my slice. It’s the last day of distance learning before break so I gave them a writing assignment with the prompt: what has this been like for you, academically and personally, and what’s it like to ride out covid with a dad who’s also a teacher? They’re with their mom now so I had them text their responses. Tech they’re used to, right? I’m just going to leave them as is.

Eddie IV, Junior in HS

The day before our school was cancelled ,for who knows how long it will be, a teacher told us “this will likely be a pivotal moment for you guys. Everything before Corona and then everything after”. We are entering our “spring break” with the very real possibility that the next time I walk into my school as a senior in High School (currently junior). Now for people who know me (which I’m sure is most of you lol) I’m ok with school but I’m always ok with the occasional snow day. This situation has changed my perspective of how important teachers really are. These first two weeks have not been great for me and my peers education. It is a very stressful time to not be able to see friends you’ve grown accustomed to seeing over a 4+ year period. Another factor as to why learning has been near impossible is the way it’s being ran, now excluding the one teacher that is running a class to the best of her ability virtually by meeting every class day possible over zoom most teachers are finding it difficult to educate. I am in no way faulting these teachers because this is a truly insane time for everyone but, if the rest of my year in education is ran the same way it was ran over the last 2 weeks the state will likely see a drop in scores. Again taking this from someone who is a junior in high school I’m just speaking from me and my peers perspectives. Now I’m currently 6 grades over the grade my dad teaches but what he is doing with his class has looked like a good method. Personally contacting and connecting with his students when able to make sure everyone is understanding as best he could. In all honesty though I don’t know if there is a perfect way to master online education for kids so used to the system and I’m sure every teacher will do what they think is best to help their students. That’s all I have to say sorry I wrote so much. Everyone stay healthy and we will find success through this with a strong teacher-student connection.

Corgan, 7th grade

Corgan- my experience for the corona virus situation that’s happening in our world is wouldn’t say boring but it’s not eventful. i learned that i actually like and miss school and I would of never thought I would get bored of my phone. having a dad as a teacher he shows us that we need to finish our work so that as he says our brains dont turn to mush and that he can help us. ive only been outside like 4 times the whole entire time and coming up this spring break i don’t think i will be out that much more. so my experience isn’t event full but it’s crazy what’s going on and will be something we look back on.

Annie, 3rd grade

my experience with the corona virus is better then I thought it would is really easy for me. Like I can get in my iready quick and easy in the morning. And it is a crazy time for all of us. And having my dad around is great because he can help us with are work because he is teacher. And with the corona virus it does get boring but with the school work it gives me something todo.

From the mouths of babes…

3 thoughts on “The Kids Are Alright

  1. Eddie, don’t apologize for writing so much. I like hearing what you have to say. I would probably say that my son, who is also a junior, would agree with a lot of what you are saying as well.

    Corgan, you are right! My guess is that you are going to long remember these weeks, even if they are uneventful as they are at home.

    And Annie, I am glad to hear that you are having an OK experience at home. Your dad sounds like he is a great person to have around!

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  2. It is nice to get the perspective of your own children during this very different time. My kids 10, 13 started out blaming me for the whole can’t go anywhere thing, but now they are more understanding and know it is for safety for us to stay home.


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