i believe in you

I say

We’re going to be ok



I don’t know

How it’s gonna go

Hope to show

Belief in what we sow


Our reaping

Will justify the leaping


Future clarity

Making past hilarity




Feared confusion

Of now

Turned infusion

Of wow


We made it thru


Hindsight view


The faith that grew


Like I almost knew.


Dreaming is encouraged during this. When limitations threaten to dwindle all to nothing, everything is illuminated attainably possible. Restraints before seen obsolete and mirage-like. Fear melts in the face of courage challenged by an existential cleansing of all that came before. Turn around, bright eyes. Your life is and always was yours alone. Decorate it as if it will forever be your shelter in place from the scary effigies your adolescence carved to keep you questioning the sanctity of your spirit. For you are holy and worthy of any height you’ve yet dared imagining. Dream your universe on the other side of this and so it shall be. A stunning display of soul and song, you. They will see, and then their hearts will smile big and sigh comfortably.

3 thoughts on “i believe in you

  1. A rich and meaningful evocation for such disruption. I share your hope and optimism in the beauty and your words show this is possible.

    I love this poem that is followed by a not quite poem-none-the-less as if this is the necessity. “Poetry is not a luxury.” A. Lorde


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