Work Out

Viral virility shot thru with manly mannered weightful waiting. Spotting spotted spectral spectators lifting lifted benches pressed into young boy insecurity and fat boy fears. Frat boys’ ears hear weakness and take what’s already taken, leaving left alone shells of shelved, half-lifed lives lived lying and sweating sweet sacrifice. Lonely rowers paddle thru those puddles, no rest between sets. The soreness in store stored at cost for wars already lost. Scales tipped for the ripped rippers of shirts and skirts, tipped off to every telltale failure script-scrawled and fist-balled up on the laid-out played-out veil failing to protect the mirror fearing parts shredded and deadened by dumbbells in bar hells and anyplace else she dares bare anything belly soft or angel pure. Machines made for leadening the already fearless and pushing franchise into the born entitled.

Go to the gym. Keep your head down in the name of self betterment. In the name of decreasing self-hate. Gender introspection is warranted. Needed, actually, if we’re ever going to fix anything. But if you want to finish your time in a place like this, wait til you leave to go that deep.

One thought on “Work Out

  1. This writng is so cool! I love alliteration, and I like going to the gym and qorking. Your message says a lot more than that though. Don’t know if you’re going to go that deep on a Friday night, but enjoy the weekend.


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