Incentivized Headshots

Slice 11

My skin is coated with a thin layer of steam-infused sweat. Covid part two was a week or so ago so it’s not that. My room temp is set to Hoth and no one wants to hold meetings in it without parkas so it’s not that. Today we ended the day with 6 incentives earners and I got to play what amounted to girls v boys dodgeball. 

Me and two of my more precocious girls head to head with 4 rambunctious boys excited to reap their 20 minute reward. From go, I was all in. Talk about an incentive.

I was an equal opportunity destroyer. Not to say the girls needed help. If this were a different movie I’d take these ladies in a back alley brawl over their prepubescent counterparts any day. But it was 4 on 3. And by some measure of coincidence? Luck? My one guy, the high intellect and knows it kid who refuses to work or believe I’m smart enough to untangle his elaborate mistruth excuses, he took quite a few impressive shots to the dome compared to the others.

But he earned it. Haha. All of it. And no, friends, I didn’t aim to kill. I had my blasters set to stun. And the thing is, we definitely have a thing, everyone knows. They usually do when the challenging kid challenges only when spotlight grabbing is an option. And each time that soft colorful ball connected with his big-grin melon there was that explosion of shock quickly followed by sudden awareness and…joy? He LOVED it. And he got me once or twice too. 

So, I got to end the day with a fairly strenuous workout including perks us teachers only dream of. Plus, we all bonded. The girls and I through our teamwork (when someone was out you just had to tag them with the ball to revive them), and the boys and I through them seeing me for more than the overlord who stalks their dreams in the name of rigor and potential chasing. They were also able to see my sweet assassin-like skills they didn’t think a chubby old dude could have. That sweaty walk back down the hall, smiles and giggles, are what an incentive is really all about.

5 thoughts on “Incentivized Headshots

  1. That is the best. I love when our PE teacher gives me the nod. That means dodge ball day. I absolutely will be down there whipping the balls around. I definitely have given a couple good shots, and taken a couple as well. I love the workout, except having to go back to class in a bit of a lather. Great choice on the incentive.

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