All Neon Like

Slice 22

I decided at around 9 what I would slice about today. It was good to have this happy moment in my head as I navigated through what has hopefully been my last ever hybrid Monday. The day got brutal as it went on. Even after the beautiful weather I played football with the kids in outside. Even after the moment I am about to slice on. It’s like they get together and specifically study the buttons they must push to push me over the edge waaaaay more than they study literally anything else and…

I’m slicing about 9 o’clock. With current schedules and me being my class’ lunch supervisor and recess patrol, my one break is from about 9 to 9:30 while they are in gym class. I have trained my teacher bladder for this year and have cut down to my first (very large) cup of coffee in a space cup that keeps it hot a ridiculously long time. So I always try to pop in and hang out the last 5-10 minutes of gym class every day. The kids like it and sometimes I even get to jump into some pickleball or whatever shenanigans they’re up to. The kids are happy and there’s always music pumping and it’s a good way for all of us to sort of kick off the day after that first half of the 8:30 writing block. 

Lots of old traditions and fun things the kids look forward to have been gone over a year now. My kids, for example, were to have the big outdoor education overnight trip this year. That’s the big one but there are so many more. We usually start gearing up for the big dance off between 5th and 6th grade about now and I have a blast learning the choreography and practicing with my 5th graders in the hopes we dominate my last year’s fifth graders’ faces off. There are black lights and neon and the dances are like 12 minutes long and it’s awesome. We also also have a huge incentive floor hockey tournament every year. These are things they look forward to when they’re younger – being one of the big kids in school and getting to do all these fun activities. 

And while all of that is gone this week in gym class is cosmic bowling. I did the bladder thing (TMI, sorry, writing is all about the deets, dudes) and hightailed it right to PE. I got a glow necklace like I was a kid again entering a rave in some seedy downtown warehouse and immediately stopped (correctly) dreading the rest of the day. Loud music, giggling kids awash in blacklight and twirling glow in the dark jump ropes and taking their turns, masked and distanced, to bowl some frames on a Monday morning at school. I had a blast. And while it wasn’t “normal” it was an attempt at a facsimile that came real close. The PE teacher was the hero of my morning and I’m sure she provided the highlight of the kids’ day as well. For a moment, in the dark where masks and oddness weren’t openly apparent, we all felt like we weren’t missing out on something for once. 

4 thoughts on “All Neon Like

  1. That is amazing. I would agree that your pe teacher is some kind of hero. I think I’d want to do every pe class–if it wasn’t for the bathroom necessity thing. Pickle ball, a dance off, floor hockey, cosmic bowling…so fun!

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  2. You HAD ME at floor hockey tournament. Sign me up! The cosmic bowling is always a hit, too. As far as hanging out during the last few minutes of PE, I totally get that. You know, we see such different sides of our loveys when they are in specials: art, music, PE. It’s really cool to watch how they interact with one another, and it’s also cool to see kids when they are in a different element. Glad you were able to enjoy them.

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