Mountains Beyond Mountains

Slice 24

It’s 3:30 for real?!?!?! Is this some daylight savings hijinks? What in the actual heck?

I am not going to turn this slice into a list of everything I did today between 7:45ish and, yes, 3:30 because no one wants to read it and I don’t want to go back over all of it in order to write it. But today was our last hybrid Wednesday. Our 1 hour PLC meeting was canceled and I went from 4 small group meetings to just one 25 minute Google Meet. So I had the whole day.

And still. 3:30 hit me like a 5 AM alarm clock the morning after a 7 PM latte. 

Next week is spring break and after that the kids come back in full force, 5 days a week. I NEED spring break. We all do, I know. We will have baseball and other things to occupy us with but, really, I need to refuel for this last stretch. I know it. I mean, teachers know, if spring break wasn’t a thing we’d make it happen. Everyone would cross the finish line more or less intact. 

But I need my students to have this break. Whether they come back ready or less-ready because of it. They don’t need it in the way us adults think the word “need” means – many would argue they’ve been on break for a year and they’d be correct in some regards. But there’s hope commingled in the very idea of a break. Hope for change and a sense of renewal, despite the irony that the very notion of spring specifically conjures those exact themes. The hope I’m hopefully hoping for is unique to this year. To almost right now. You can only feel constantly on the verge so long before you wonder if you’re just used to the freefall. 

So I tore through the day. And there wasn’t enough time and I didn’t get enough done. And yes, I have been known to stay in my room from time to time until 5,6, even 7 o’clock on occasion. But, if you haven’t noticed, I like so many of you, need a break. I need the gym, to check on my sick little girl, to connect with my middle guy who still seems about as lost as 13 year olds can be and for whatever reason I believe there is some magic key I might uncover that unlocks all the hormonal confusion and angst of a hybrid/remote scary scary world for him. I need to tune out of this world I love so much and want to put everything into because I know I have other worlds I feel at least equally strong about. 

Teachers do not have a timecard to punch and if we did there would be a lot of swollen knuckles. But today I need to get out of here and take a break so I can be ready for the next break and beyond.

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