The Gang Writes a Slice for Dad

Slice 30

I started doing a slice like this a couple years back. My kids are such a major part of who I have become and my blogging is mostly very (too) personal. But that’s just my relationship with writing in general. It’s hard for me to write any other way. I am envious of other bloggers who are able to capture everyday life so eloquently without making them all dramatic and philosophical. But that’s me. This year I gave my 3 kids the prompt below and some think time. Below are their responses.

Prompt: First off I want to say to you guys, my kids, that during this weird year I’ve watched all of you change your lives and adapt and struggle and be forced to do things like school in a completely different way. I’m so proud of you and it’s just another reason I love you very much. Once again, please help me with my blog for work. Answer this the best you can: since you’ve had the unique experience of doing hybrid and remote school having both a teacher parent and a non-teacher parent, so parents you spend time with on both sides of the changing school system, what do you think about how adults handled the pandemic? Also, what have you learned about yourself and about the world during the last year? Feel free to add in anything you want for dad’s blog.

My almost 10 year old daughter. The epitome of precocious. Take the exact amount of vivaciousness and attention-seeking any little girl with 2 older brothers would have, and add a dazzling smidge – that’s her. Her current and previous teachers are participating in SOLC this year – major props to them – I’m so glad she’s experienced their specific brands of genius.

I think that my parents have done a amazing job especially my dad. He has help with online school and in person if I’m having trouble with something in online or in person. The first person I go to is my dad and just going to my regular teacher for help. I’d go to either or and I say they do a amazing job and iv learned so much this year about my family the world and even my self. U learn about my family that there not just family there a fun and perfect family. Even though this is a rough time they push through it and if iv learned anything about my dad this hard year is that he never gives up even though this last few years were tough we did so much fun things and made the best of it.

My middle guy I’ve written about tons this year because he’s needed the most from me. That’s how things go sometimes. Especially at 13. Especially being a middle child. I’m just now reading his response for the first time and am very proud of how well he’s obviously been able to reflect and articulate how this has all gone for him. You want your kids shielded from all the ugly and scary the world holds, but I know enough to hope it will only make him stronger moving forward.

I think that the parents handled the pandemic and corona very well.  I feel like there should’ve been more free range with going outside and the exception would be wearing a mask.  For Corona and school I would say they did it all pretty well and we all had a shaky school year but overall it’ll end well.  What i would have said of what i figured out about myself would be you can only trust certain people and the little things make me stressful.  Keep your group small and just focus on yourself to make you happy.  For the world I would say that the world and the people need to learn how to handle things better.

And with this year’s slicing almost finished I am realizing I didn’t say much about my oldest. He is, truly, the rock of the family. Yes, he is (thankfully) a fairly normal 18 year old kid, but he has had to do so much for so long ahead of when he should have had to. He’s my first. My life really began with him. And he’s going away to school next year and I’m so excited for him that I’m tearing up just typing that out. I have the best kid. I will go to my grave being shocked at the pure luck of that. 

I personally think that the parents did as good as they could. Now with that said I don’t think that that translates to good. The parents of students were, much like the students and teachers, thrown into a situation that seemed impossible with no instruction on how to navigate it. For students who had parents or an adult of some sort at home to guide them through school they likely stayed afloat or even excelled. For the majority of students who didn’t have the luxury of parents or guidance through school they struggled mightily. Without parents even the best students I’ve met suffered severe burnout and a pure lack of care for their education. I personally just don’t care at all about zooms any longer. It is at this point impossible to actually pay attention or want to do anything about an online class. Half the time when im in school I actually pay attention and actually enjoy school. So at least im doing half of school. None of this is the parents fault and none of this is the teachers fault, nobody had any idea how to do this and nobody actually wanted to do this. Everyone lost this past year and I’ve said since last April I think test scores will show over the next 10 years the negative effects that this year will have on the majority of kids. The teachers get annoyed that the kids don’t do school but can’t scold them because the kids are already on edge, the teachers also can’t tell the parents because the parents have their own lives and jobs and they shouldn’t need to focus on their kids school and if they do they just don’t have time to truly focus on them full time. So its just an awful cycle that ends with students losing every time. Speaking for me and other students my level, I have never felt more unprepared for college. Us going back for a month full time after break could potentially help save us a little bit but I know that there are many kids terrified that they will be absolutely lost and kind of thrown out into the wild with no help when next semester comes around. Good news is things are truly getting better and by next year everything should be very near back to normal and everyone once again should be able to learn to the level that they once did. 

4 thoughts on “The Gang Writes a Slice for Dad

  1. Such a special keepsake post! I love your remarks about each of your children and their baby pictures too. It looks like you have very reflective and articulate kids and have much to be proud of.


  2. There is so much to love about this post: your kids’ candor, the warm way you describe each one before allowing us to read their words. You’re also right – there are times when our kids need us differently. It’s not good or bad, it just…is. I also smiled when I read your 18-year-old’s words. My son is a senior, and I think he’d reflect a lot of the same thoughts. But this slice. It’s just…so great. Thank you.


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