I Read The News Today, Oh Boy

Day 6

This has been, and still is, a fast forward weekend. Let’s just get back to work. I got some stuff done. Got a little extra sleep I suppose. Yesterday I cleaned winter out of and off of my car. Buried myself in work for a bit. And then spent most of the nice weather day driving. I got a record player from my brother for xmas. Nothing super fancy, one of those beginner suitcase jobs. But I use it a lot. So yesterday I Googled record shops and drove all over so I could hipster it up for a few minutes and get back to the Google driving. I didn’t buy anything but it did take up the day.

I really want to be the waste no time guy. YOLO and such. This weekend I have not been that. It’s 2:30 now and I just finished my deep cleaning and shopping for the week. 4 avocados, a thing of cherry tomatoes, and some breakfast bananas for work, and stuff for the kids for home, and the week is set. Both yesterday and today would have been great days to spend in a darkened theater. There are movies that are actually good now after the long covid void. But I haven’t been able to step foot in a theater since summer. Ever since I was 16 and able to drive I’ve had movies. I would spend whole days in movie theaters, alone or with friends. But I haven’t even taken the kids since summer. Sad associations and such. One day I’ll take it back.

It’s weird what we smush together and carry with us. The one thing I have done this weekend is play, on repeat, my one splurge since getting this record player – a $100 Hamilton box set. I’ve watched the play only on Disney +, never got to see it live. And obviously it’s about a historical moment in time. But, like certain books, bands, albums, and movies the aura around art sometimes can’t help but be tinted completely by those you first experienced them with. And then, even something as biographical as Hamilton is can actually, happily, sadly, whatever, also be about you and your life. And all of it, the happy, the sad, whatever, is beautiful. Both Hamilton and my life associations with it. 

I may have wasted a weekend. I’m going to give myself a little grace on that one. Not sure what I’ll do with the rest of the time between now and first bell in the morning now that all of my chores are done, but at least I know I won’t worry about my chores being done, and I have a clean car. Album 1, side A is queued up again. Monday will be here soon enough.

“There are moments that the words don’t reach

There’s a grace too powerful to name

We push away what we can never understand

We push away the unimaginable”

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