Joel Barish

Day 10

To you who was once you from me who is still me

Midmountain solitude, fraught 

With dread and thought

Vomit and murder known and nebulous

And bubblegum pop smirk memoried puncture marks 



Drifted away so sudden so far so fast

A note unsung, a flag half mast

Mouth agape, the shock of it all

So many whys and hows

Knee scraped by the crawl

Babystepped marathoners

Naked yoga vows

The second chasm 

This one yours

Nuclear reaction

Sonic force

The unavoidable void

The hole, the rift

Your cheeks, your neck

I try to lift

My sights 

Cold nights

I sift

I slipped

Our sun was created

I know I know

With just the one job in mind

(I took my job

And did it well

I know I know

There’s more to go)

It made life spring forth

And dinosaurs too

Though AJL would take a few

But it was just warming up

Billions of years

Building up grace

For its only purpose

To light your face

I know I know

And it had to be nervous 

When the day finally came

Those eyes and that skin

Came into frame

And those rays realized why they shone so long

And in this blink of a fraction of a sliver in time

It will do why it’s here only while you are

The sun was created to illuminate you

And I’ve no doubt when you’re gone

Even that pure force power

Will begin to dim

Maybe for billions more years

It will surge with the energy of pride

Remembering the magic tint of glow

When it had you to show 

But someday it’ll realize you’re gone

And its departure will be but a spectacular farewell

To its remembrance of your face

I love this mountain

I loved the climb

I’ve set up camp

Forgotten time

Your ghost, the robot

Empty word

Brick wall

Dog chase bird

Await your call

Until then I’ll write platitudes to your memory

In moonlight on raindrops

And cry at the feet of your ghost

Hoping sunflowers bloom in the puddles 

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