Remembering Friday

Day 19

Exhausted. Like I’d imagine Covid exhausted would be. Last night took it out of me. I had an actual adult Friday night. Yes, for adults the ideal Friday night varies and mine may not have been your oasis after a week of hard, but for me it was exactly that. 

Late night, very little sleep. Intoxicants packed into every second. And no, I am not referring to the half bottle of red wine I reacquainted myself to, though that was one lovely thing amongst the mountain of lovely things. Company, entertainment (provided by streaming services and Spotify), and food from far away and long ago. Fitzgerald couldn’t aptly describe in writing the Friday heaven I got to live so I will not try much further.

I woke up and slept through The Batman in a movie theater. The parts I saw were great but the nap was in tribute to the night before. I just finished deep cleaning, despite said exhaustion. I am lucky to have had a wonderful night. Oddly, I “have to” try and do it again tonight. Yikes.

Tonight is way different. A friend from the core friend group’s birthday. In a bit here I’ll drag my weary self the 40 minutes or so to his McMansion and get to see a bunch of people and pretend I’m not still in Friday night, or in bed. Sunday will be for laundry, work, and sleep. Tonight will provide smiles and I will live in the moment and smile them. But I also know there will be a bunch of smiles remembering Friday. 

“Give me a lifetime of promises and a world of dreams

Speak the language of love like you know what it means

And it can’t be wrong

Take my heart and make it strong”

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