All Tomorrow’s Parties

Day 20

It would be interesting to film a party for adult parent people, documentary style. Mics on everyone to pick up all the pocket conversations. An all seeing omniscient camera over the big stuff. Watching as it goes from “it’s been too long” niceties, to more specific topics such as sports and current events and getting everyone’s takes. Then, as the beverages and such take over, see the sing-alongs that stop everything erupt when the shuffle on the music seems to flash an intuitive DJ awareness that can level up a party at a certain point. Usually a little after this some people start getting Ubers or finding empty rooms to crash in. Irish Goodbyes are usually employed here because no one who is into the party wants anyone from that ecosystem to disrupt the fragility upon which a party at this stage begins to teeter.

Throughout the whole thing, but especially in this phase, the late night phase, can you tell a lot about the subjects of such a documentary. You can tell who has been parenting for real, either in years or in offspring amount, and who is just a couple years in with their first. The newbies generally either pass out or go home early, or this is the first time they’ve been out in a million years, whether that exact figure is closer to 6 days or 6 months, and they are going to taste their teenage adolescence by the time sunrise hits. There will be loudness, there will be tears, something will probably get broken. They will ensure that everyone knows they are still the garage party legend whose stories filled the middle section of tonight’s party doc. They will hope the next time they are able to attend one of these, if they ever recover, that they get something in that is talked about. Add to their iconography. 

I’m very lucky to have a tight group of friends that have spanned so many years. We have, some of us, turned out to be relatively different types of people. I’m not sure we’d even choose to be friends if we met at this point in our lives. I’d like to hope so, but I’m not sure. We’re kind of stuck with each other. Better or worse, and all that. And yes, things happen and times change and we seem to lose contact, or the contact gets real shaky, with a member or two as time passes. So, although I couldn’t handle the emotions, or literally physically handle putting myself through a party that goes until 3 AM, parties like last night, every once in a while, are needed. To touch base, clear chests, and completely let go of everything the world puts on you in front of a group of people who have built up the history which allows them to be probably the only people you could do that in front of without having you committed. 

Naps have been good today. I don’t have last night filmed, but I have spent a good deal of the time I’ve been awake reliving some of my mental footage. 

“I can’t confront you

I never could do

That which might hurt you

So try and be cool”

2 thoughts on “All Tomorrow’s Parties

  1. That time with old friends is precious, although I usually have to have a pre-nap and then the next day a post- nap realizing I will not be functional. Those get together do serve a function – to connect and blow off steam. We all need that once in a while. My almost graduating senior ( college) is also realizing that she cannot keep up that pace…ha! at 22! But it does serve a purpose. Glad youhad that time and glad you didn’t film anything!

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