The Mythical We

Day 21

This is historically a rough week. Brutal, some years. The week before spring break. Temps are becoming more consistently less Hoth-like. In a 10 year old’s mind spring break is basically the day before summer break starts, so how should anyone be expected to still be doing school?

So I front loaded this week all last week. Reviewed it again at the start of the day this morning. “I get it”, I told the kids. If you want proof that I have empathy for your little 10 year old heart feeling all caged up in this building, just look at what I have created for you. Yes, we need to do not one, but two end of unit assessments, but have you gotten much math homework lately? Are we going to celebrate the end of our reading unit with a movie so you can focus on writing finals? 

I’m lucky enough to have teachers in my life and in my building/district I can lean on for life and curricular support, for sure. Kind of makes me wish I had teachers like that for just life stuff. My own personal deus ex machina to come in and featherbed my existence sometimes.  “Hey there buddy. I know your schedule is about to get nuts with baseball season starting up and lots of writing finals to grade. You’re going to be missing some gym time. Here are some healthy endorphins. Have a bottle of wine and some licorice – those calories won’t count this week – you deserve it, just focus on doing what you need to do. We got you.”

I’m not sure who this mythical We could be in real life that I tacked on there at the end, but I sure could use them sometimes.

“I want you to want me
Why don’t we rely on chemistry?
Why don’t we collide the spaces that divide us?
I want you to want me”

3 thoughts on “The Mythical We

  1. Spring time always marks the craziest time of teaching, in my opinion. I sure wish we had people to make life all nice and easy but then again, what fun is there in that? 😜Good luck! You got this!

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  2. This made me laugh because it is so true! The kids no matter what age start to think their year is over and they want to be out in the nice weather. I would also love someone to scaffold my life for me at times and help me get through like my awesome team does at school! We can do this and I know you always make things fun for your class so they will be sorry when summer comes.

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