sentry barring entry

Trust is a commodity, and its value when broke

Drops, just like the other foot always tends to

Conversely you’re left, reminded, and woke

Memorized path crawl back to what mends you


You harden the armor, heighten the walls

Retreat behind hackles and fear

Tougher let downs bring farther falls

You swear that you’ve dropped your last tear


You’ll not swallow this shame

Or get back in the game

For its price you can no longer afford

It is sad but it’s true

That part’s over for you

Now you’re left with just shield and sword


Just as the gold glue dried

You went out again and tried

Only to find yourself shattered

Like the healing before

Wouldn’t hurt anymore

But now you know none of it mattered


Fatal-fractured again

Like that memoried when

In so many pieces you can’t tell them apart

Forever safe you’ll remain

From familiar pain

Once you’ve fortified and hidden your guarded heart

7 thoughts on “sentry barring entry

  1. Woah, you’re a poet too?!? This is amazing – so great. I read it in my head the first time, but knew I had to give it a second go. The second time, I read it aloud, and it was wonderful – the rhythm of the lines, the rhyme. So great, Eddie. So, so great.

    I love the content, too. Super honest and vulnerable. I can relate to this a lot… I’ve been this way for a long time and am trying to break old habits as we speak. 🙂


  2. Just wow! Absolutely amazing….the flow of this poem just washes over the reader and I can feel the pain and frustration coming off the page.


  3. My second reading was out loud and the crafting jumped off the page–the rhyming, the alliteration, the enjambed lines… I particularly like your 2nd stanza. You mention “tears” … and I thought of a line I wrote in my journal yesterday, quoted from Sarah Ban Breathnach: “Tears are the antifreeze of the soul.”


  4. WOW! You are so talented! I love this part “Only to find yourself shattered, Like the healing before.” I’ve been in this place so many times. Lots of pain…


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