devoted reclamation

I am belly fat

Worn jean-knee thin

I am brain freeze

Dumb, uncomfortably numb

I forget away

All my genius moments

Waving goodbyes

To slippery tails of good intentions

Before retreating back

Into the lap of ignorance

Like decades-washed warm

Blanket of grandmother

My precipice’d wish wavering

That tarot girl saw

My wavering nature

In discarded dream

In pictures tricked

I am love above all

Make my visage falsely drop

Dare see that which you forsook

I can’t beg you harder

I ransom-note collaged it for you

Peace by piece

This me debris

(I hear you and

in your tongue

it doesn’t rhyme

and you are

my favorite poem

for this

and every reason

your awkward flow


the narrow focus

of my longing)

Repurposed as monument

In solemn supplication

Bearing witness in tribute

Of all I never was

With clinical precision

I amalgamate the template

I think you know you need,

Envisioning a time

You recognize my transformation

As a portrait

Of the reflection your dreams leave

In your paradise eyes

My heart’s discarded shards

Are yours alone

As you are the sole basis

For the existence of dreams

You are my favorite flavor of air

You are the color of home

My caveman awareness

Limits me so

But I believe

In what I know

At the center of all

And what I hold true

Is there’s nothing

As powerful

As love

May misfortune’s winds

One day

Whisper this fact sweetly

Let it prince kiss you awake

And bring you to destiny’s finality

I’ve been waiting

See you there


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