I’m Here, Wherever That Is

Day 27

Played with one of those virtual reality things last night. Looking at the way the world has gone with technology since I was a kid, I’d say that VR is a natural progression of things. I also am not at all convinced that all of this isn’t some kind of simulation anyways so a meta sim within a sim reality feels like a clever joke. But it is kind of astonishing to be in a whole other reality if you have a little spare time, 300 bucks, and enough space where you don’t break something killing zombies or zero-gravity exploring the ISS. 

Back to reality today. I looked at two very different places to possibly buy. One was a condo fairly far from my kids’ friends with palm trees painted on the walls, a non-kitchen fridge, and flooring that wasn’t all the way attached to the floor. And a house much closer to our current lives. The house cost more than twice the condo. They were very different. But they were also the same in that they were what a single parent teacher can (kind of) afford. Read: junky. 

300 bucks and a VR headset. Life in a computer sim. Truman Show existence possibly controlled by some 10 year old in a reality none of us can even comprehend. Maybe it’s easier for me to confront the reality I am experiencing by thinking (hoping?) it’s not altogether what it seems. It’s in the realtor peoples’ hands now. At least in the immediate now. So I am going to go do happy things while it gets sorted. Regardless of exactly what reality is, in mine it’s spring break time. Even with 29 degree temps. And I get to escape into a bubble for a bit and smile. So that’s what I’m going to do.

“I know you’re scared
Well, I’m scared too
Oh, that every time I try to make lunch
For anyone else, in my head
I end up dreaming of you”

2 thoughts on “I’m Here, Wherever That Is

  1. All I can say is, this sounds hard. And yes, I could give you platitudes about home being what you make it, blah blah, but that misses the point. So just know that I see you, and I’m hoping good things for you.

    That is all.

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