Force Focus

(day 9)

Sometimes my world gets too big to write about. Marinated in personal rawness too nerve dappled and screaming to divulge. A Slice, even the size of some of the Slices I write, wouldn’t be able to sufficiently paint the multimedia event that would be “the picture” of the snapshot of now. A book series might do it but I have stuff to do. Besides it would be obscenely inappropriate for myriad reasons. Sometimes my world seems so small that wringing enough significance out of it so as to produce even a sentence might as well be tantamount to whipping up a dissertation during a commercial break. Today, lately, I wish it were blink-tiny like that. It’s the other thing though. It’s the underwater bigness portion of life and it’s what’s real and since I respect writing the way I do it feels sacrilegious to write about some made up fable or foible spun from a snippet of some innocuous nothing I must search for in the first place with energy I’ve not got. So this paragraph must suffice.


At least it’s my kid weekend. Big One gets back from state for DECA in a few and we’ll be as fractured-whole as we get to be and that will feel good. My daughter laid on my chest and watched ET with me last night and I felt the emotional ripples through her body into mine at all the appropriate parts and that was good. She is currently still in panda bear onesie PJs drawing in a corner with a sharpie while watching tutorial videos and this method allows her to produce a new piece of cartoon art about every two minutes. When she leaves again tomorrow I know they will be strewn all over the floor and I’ll leave them there for a bit as something to savor when needed. After she leaves it’s always needed soon enough. We’re leaving soon to go watch Middle Guy’s basketball team play in their first round of the playoffs. They were undefeated until Thursday night which was the first game he missed with his shoulder injury. We see the surgeon to discuss xrays Monday morning. They lost by 2 on Thursday with him sitting in the stands as the team’s leader in most statistical categories. He is going through it. He will be ok no matter the diagnosis. His life is always big and for him, that’s exciting. And that’s really good too.  

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