(day 10)

I was going to write a Slice for International Women’s Day, have that be the title and then have the whole thing be blank. Or just a thank you. Or maybe just say that I’ve been telling people, correctly I think, since sophomore year that I considered myself a feminist after hearing Kurt Cobain say it. But that would defeat the purpose I think. Patriarchy taking some more and making it about men. Not our place. Besides it’s part of the problem that a man would feel the need to say out loud that he thinks women should be treated equally. Even if it was coming from someone like me who has always held that women are better. Like, by a lot. So I’m just going to say this.


My daughter


Grandma and aunt

The women who form the heart and brains of where I’m blessed to be able to work and learn

Karen and Mo

My partner Vickie

The Lauras and Tina and Linda

Cira and Isella and Rosey

Yadi and Marce and Mireille

Steph M and Blake

Christine and Kim and Lisa

Irene and Yolanda and Liz

Lindsay and Sarah and Dianne

All our hard working TAs


My 3 sis in laws and 2 nieces

All my cousins

All the moms in IL and FL who helped form me as if I were their own after being “on my own” in my teens

Trina and Shannon

Jen and Amy and Melissa and Neener and Brigette and Patsy and Heather and Katie

Sleater Kinney individually and together

Ani Difranco

Sylvia Plath


Ayn Rand (I don’t have to agree with you to be impressed by you)

Courtney Love

Frances McDormand

Tanya Donelly

Loretta Lynn

Kristen Hirsch

Cyndi Lauper

Dolly Parton

Michelle Obama

Goldie Hawn

Susan Sarandon


All the women of SNL present and past

The countless athletes getting less notice than their male counterparts


I know I’ve overlooked so many who are sick of being overlooked. If men had to give birth the world would have ended long ago. I know that none of you need my affirmations to define or validate your worth.


So no more words from me. If you don’t mind I will go back to shutting up, listening, and learning from your wisdom and grace. Thank you. So much. And I’m sorry, for all of us. I hope things get better for you and I promise I will try and be a part of that.

3 thoughts on “i.w.d.

  1. That’s a solid, winding list. Your admiration for the women in your world is definitely lit in the details here. The nicknames, the order, the way it flowed was like poetry and if memory serves me correctly, you are very much a poet. I like the earnestness and the acceptance that you’re part of the problem. Didn’t feel phoned-in. Felt the newest movement of men nodding and pushing women ahead for real while blocking out the patriarchy behind them. LOVED the included SNL cast. That’s awesome.


  2. What an impressive list of all those women that helped shape who you are! Although they may not need the affirmation, it is always appreciated to know you are appreciated and that you made a difference in someone’s life.


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