Spring Fever

(day 21)

I’m sickish. Whole body ache, bad cough, nasal stuff, headache I forget about as I teach but that is always lingering in wait for me to make that one quick movement and surgical steal my thoughts with white lightning incisions. All the dumb things.


But there are two days left of school and about 15 days left of the gym/weight loss contest I plan on winning wire to wire and I just don’t have time to be this. I’m plowing through like all of you do, like I always try to. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck. I want a blankey. Netflix or Hulu or movies and intermittent naps.


It better get better because I finally have my own kids to dazzle after spending so much on so many others. And I want to. Plus, I couldn’t leave sick today of all days even if it wasn’t just before break. It would look bad.


The last time I missed school and it wasn’t for my kids or doctor’s appointments of my own, it was because I was vomit master level sick. Bathroom king. It had been years before since it had happened like that. I watched the Cubs win the world series a few nights before and the Big One was with me but he had a nasty flu. We’ll always remember that part of that great memory.


So after a night spent partially (mostly) on the bathroom floor I dragged my virus riddled frame into work very early and sketched out some sub plans in between visits to our work bathrooms (Not too much to be grossed out about, colleagues who may one day time machine to that day, it was mostly false alarms as I was empty as can be by then). Then I got home, again very early, and got a blankey. Intermittent naps. And I watched the Cubs World Series Parade.


So, of course, everyone figured I was there. Which would have been all kinds of awesome. But it’s extra rough to be super sick and have people not only think you’re not, but think you’re doing something you’re not, and have that something be super amazing and you wish you were. That’s a whole bunch of brutal sick day right there.


And now I’m sick and it’s almost break and the college March Madness Tournament starts in a couple hours and basically doesn’t stop for a break until Sunday night. Back when days off didn’t mean letting down scores of children, the best hookey days in the world were days one and two of this tournament. I don’t watch college basketball. Since Jordan left I hardly watch pro basketball. The only college hoops I ever watch is the tournament. There’s juice involved, see? A plethora of different gambling opportunities which sweeten the berry all that much more. And yes, the games are full of hungry kids playing with heart and not necessarily for shoe contracts or million dollar extensions on their rookie deals. So yeah, athletically the games are mostly great. There are quality moments made and stuff. But there used to be nothing better than kicking back somewhere and diving in for the whole day (or two) and hopefully coming out in the end having all of it paid for by lucky bounces or miraculous numbers.


So no, I wouldn’t go home anyways, but with that added? Not a chance. I’ll muscle through, we all do. If I get an alert later during my SEL block and jump for joy through the sick exhaustion, it’ll just mean I’m really feeling the problem solving strategy the kids are learning today. Even if that cha ching exaltation doesn’t come, I still have a contest to win, and tons of blankey time with the kids on deck in just a couple short days.

4 thoughts on “Spring Fever

  1. I’m sick, too. Just got word that hubby just picked up our son from school because his ears hurt. My hubby came home from work early because he wasn’t feeling well, either. Looks as though it’s round 2 for us! Blech!! :-p


  2. I think 3rd and 4th are passing it around. I have had more tea and throat lozenges today than I can stomach. Why does it always seem to happen before a break?! Spring break can’t come soon enough as a nap and blankey are calling me. Feel better.


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