Robot armor, steel plated

Dent-worn by chaos mess

Misinformed you’re ill-fated

Fashion forward buried stress


Bullet proofread outward expression

Polished pretty, if concealing

Protection flirting with suppression 

What’s thought as veiled is revealing


The world is not at war with you

It flings its things reckless

But magnets work with metal too

It’s not karmic, no, it’s feckless


Head tussling wonder-why fights

Like their rifle scopes are spotlights

To your hungry actor just desserts

Must costume fake it til it hurts


I know your timid heart

It’s lion beats in iron cage

False flimsy bravado armor

To traverse this brittle age

Scarred and scared

Their fangs are bared

When fear is all the rage

Someday it won’t fit

The suit you’ll quit

You’ll flip this page

You’ll take the stage

And all that comes with it


I’ve the key, unlocks it all

But in my pocket it remains

I’ve seen the truth I’ve climbed your wall

This mask, that shield, these chains


You are stronger than you’ve ever known

I’ve witnessed your mind, the miles you’ve grown

I will always be here, my worried dear

To dance with your joy as well as your fear

But your robot is yours to shed alone


You have it within, the brave and the true

Wisdom enough to build trust in it too

And when you are scared and don’t know what to do

Remember everything that suit got you through

And know, what I’ve known all along, it was you

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