I feel appreciative today. My aunt is a teacher, and I know many more. I’ve been in waaaaaaay more constant contact with multiple colleagues than usual, like all day everyday, during this time of weird. And, as teachers, most of them are either married to teachers or have teacher friends. And between them and my aunt, I’ve heard straight up horror stories on how some schools or districts are handling all of this.

Now, I understand that perspective is key here. True, some districts might not be doing so great on this impromptu planning. But also, many teachers may just not be handling the change well. Which is, of course, fine. I know to weed truth from perspective or opinion. And the point of this slice or my appreciation is not to judge any teacher (ever) or admin or district. I am firmly in the camp that believes everyone is doing what they think is best for the kids. And everyone is (at least slightly) frazzled. 

But I’m lucky. I love where I work. For real. And above that I love being a teacher. Like, 8 year old wants to be an astronaut, love. But as everyone I’ve worked with has heard ad infinitum, my building literally stands at the end of the street I grew up on. And I LOVE my hometown. By many standards it’s not a “great” place. Or even “good”. But I have a borderline unhealthy love of it. Maybe it’s because we moved right before my senior year in high school and that is the time where wistfulness can be at its peak. I don’t know. 

But during this, honestly and comparatively, I love where I work. I won’t speak more on these horror stories I’ve heard, only about my situation. There were some people behind the scenes that helped us look great and eased much of this burden by preparing learning packets for every kid/teacher in the entire district. We are giving out food to every kid under 18 in town, lunch and breakfast, if they need it. And, mostly, our district is trusting the teachers they have hired and trained. I have no idea how closely the work the kids are doing and what we are doing online is being monitored, maybe it is. But I get the feeling that I am being trusted to care about keeping the kids engaged. Nothing has been pushed on me or mandated. Plus, they are trying their best, every day, to give us ideas and materials, always as helpful suggestions, never demands. I appreciate their handling of this weird, so much. I am lucky. In so many ways. 

There are enough horror stories out there, real or imagined, right now. Finding that sweet spot of comfort through the madness is a difficult challenge. I love what I do, who I do it for, and with. Luky. Appreciative. And that’s how I feel today.

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