running around (and around)

I got toilet paper this morning! Started my loop around town a little earlier. Even waited in line with some of the community’s finest to get into Target. There was no red carpet but there was a Target version of a velvet rope and a guy coming out to announce what that morning’s trucks brought in. 

And then, before starting my new norm home schooling for alllll the kids I went to the gym as usual. Except it was closed. Until April 1st. “Anytime” Fitness. I felt myself getting fatter as I read the placard. 

So, a big win and a big loss. I broke my neck a million years ago (it was scary, and legit dumb, not fun crazy teen dumb, just dumb, dumb) and now when I run after a very short time the nerves get all pissy and my leg, like, shuts down. Painfully. But I will go do that. Walk run. I have a couple free weights. Eating is only dangerous really at night so I’ll be extra vigilant. I guess. It’ll be hard when being with the kids and nowhere to go will feel like those shut in sleepover type weekends we’re prone to having when needed. Lots of bad food usually for those. But that, too, I can control. Like an actual adult. We’ll see. 

But I did get toilet paper. I had my daughter run some up to my grandma’s door because I am basically forcing them to not leave ever anymore and unfortunately that means my kids aren’t going in either. This is it for a while. The new world. It does kinda make me want to run.

5 thoughts on “running around (and around)

  1. Sounds like the reality of the restrictions are rolling out unevenly as people congregate dangerously to prepare to be apart as well as get shut out before they are ready. Managing life at home, while protecting those we love is never easy. We are all doing our best. Thank you for capturing what it takes to make tedious decisions and celebrate small triumphs.


  2. At least you have what you “need” right at home with you and you were able to take care of loved ones from a far! You will be able to hit the gym soon enough and it sounds like you have a few things you can do at home too. Hang in there!


  3. My gym is closed too and I have a tendency to just bored eat all day long. This is going to be a rough couple of weeks. I hope my pants fit when I have to wear adult clothes again.


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