Spring Is Here, Brrrrr

Day 29

Spring break is here! And that meant sitting outside for a baseball double header that got postponed once the kids got there, from noon to 3. To play two games. Also, too? It was freezing. The temp said low 40s but with zero sun and massive, biting winds, the temp was a liar. 

Spent the last couple days with “happy feet”, it’s something that had to be noticed for me that I never realized I did. When I am content (which if you’ve read like 2 of these ever that’s not often) my feet involuntarily…dance, for lack of a better verb. Those feet are currently icicles. Yuck. 

But spring break is a break. I have work to do but my deadline seems forever away and at this point I think I may even get it all done, despite not starting yet. Too busy chasing happiness and such. And, hey, silver lining in these silver bristly skies – the weather may force me to focus on it. 

I need to entertain the kids without the promise of cheap (free) activities spring usually provides. I want the time to be quality, for them and for me. We all deserve it. Well. It’s late. Happy feet may have taken off their dancing shoes for now. But there’s a Bulls game recorded and a kid in a thaw down shower hopefully thrilled that it’s a Tuesday where I’m not badgering him about his homework. Baby steps. One moment at a time. I got this. I can even almost feel my toes starting to come back to life. That’s somethin’. 

“No one’s on the streets

We moved it all online as of March

I’m so full of shite

I need to spend less time stood around in bars

Waffling on to strangers all about martial arts

And how much I respect them”

One thought on “Spring Is Here, Brrrrr

  1. “I want the time to be quality, for them and for me. We all deserve it.” I agree with you. I hope you are able to enjoy your break, even if there is some work to do!

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